Healthy body measurements.

I think alot of patients can become quite confused with all the different numbers us Drs throw at you. Trying to remember the difference between what a diastolic and BSL is, can be quite daunting for 'joe public', let alone what those terms mean.

I like to break things into small chunks and write everything down for my patients' so I thought it would be a good idea to share that here. So here is my list of the most important numbers:

  1. Blood Pressure   - should aim to be below 150/90. Diabetics should be below 145/85.
  2. Total cholesterol - below 5
  3. Blood sugar        - between 4 - 6. 7 is my favourite number here.
  4. Weight                - Body Mass index below 25(this is weight kg / heightxheight metres)
  5. Waist                   - Below 94cm in men. 80cm in women.

These are just for starters! But I feel its the building blocks that make for a healthier future.  Its important to remember that the modifiable lifestyle risk factors are the key to minimising the potential development of a chronic disease, such as heart failure or diabetes.  So stub out that cigarette, get out of that chair and control your appetite. Sounds easy right....